Friday, 3 February 2012

Found Friday

I forgot to mention that the little house we are moving to used to be Craig's grandparents and he has nice memories there so it is kind of sweet that our little boy will be living there even though he never met his great grandparents.

Looking around the yard doing a little bit of a tidy I turned up a bit of a fence shoved under the house and found this little guy in this state.

So we just need to dust him off and find the perfect spot for him to watch over us.

Craig recalled that he has been at the house since his grandparents lived there.
I have now declared him the house mascot. I have a good feeling he will take care of us.

As a side note I asked Craig to take this 2nd pic for me today while he was at the house working - the
message I got back was "We need glue" - a brief moment of panic and superstition before I checked my emails and found it - he's hilarious.

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  1. OK so the 'we need glue' statement turned out to be more accurate than I thought - a photo shoot incident - hopefully we can mend the little guys along with the house. Oh and I am choosing not to be superstitious - it only applies for something good right?