Friday, 10 February 2012

Found Friday

Just in the nick of time - a really quick FF as I am still packing and we move tomorrow.
Still a lot to do - far too much stuff. But one more little thing can't hurt right?

My FF this week is courtesy of an unknown neighbour on what is soon to be my former street.
I love hard rubbish and trash piled high outside someone else's house always warrants a longer than average look from me.

This neighbour has in the past been responsible for me dashing across the road without shoes and returning with a washing basket full of art glass, 70's plastic ashtrays and a cat shaped teapot, among other things. Yesterdays parting gift to me was this pink luminous art glass vase. I couldn't leave it as it was - abandoned on the street - I definitely needed to offer it a home.

I have loved living here and will miss it - thanks street for my final pressie.

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