Thursday, 2 February 2012

Little Houses on the Hill

So my big news is we are moving. We are headed west, not the wild west in a wagon or anything,
but the south west of Sydney. In 2 weeks we will call a new place home.
This little place actually (pre makeover).

It is little! Quite little compared to where we are now and thinking of all our stuff in there - a lot in the garage mind you - is daunting. But it is charming and we are grateful for it and the opportunity we have been given to make it a home.

I will outline over the next few months our plans for it. For now I am spending my days sanding, painting, cleaning and packing in preparation for the big move. Super big as we have been where we are now for 6 years and we both have collector tendencies.

I think it may be the idea of this little house that has helped me see all the cute little house things there are at the moment, I have seen them everywhere - you know how you suddenly see what you have or have just read about everywhere because a little light has been switched on.

Below are some of the cutest on the street - I have found some myself online and in magazines but am also quite enjoying 'Little House' pinboard on Pinterest - you might like it too.

Left to Right
1. Painted handmade houses
2. Wooden house chopping boards
3. Concrete house candle holders
4. Town blocks via 'Little House' pinboard on Pinterest via
5. Candleholders via 'Little House' pinboard on Pinterest via
6. House shelves

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  1. Just LOVE the little house theme, so relavant and atainable for many people including myself ! Great work, love your style ! And happy moving !