Monday, 30 January 2012

Someone's stich in time

A chance discovery at an Op Shop a couple of years ago ignited in me, yet another, little collecting passion.
I chanced upon an embroidery that someone had donated to the shop in it's most beautiful started yet unfinished state. For me the unframed and unfinished nature of the embroidery was what appealed the most. When I bought it I had no intention of finishing it myself and while I would like to learn to embroider I have no intention of finishing any of them I have collected ever since. I hope to frame some, make cushions of others and generally admire them just as they are. I think I like them as little statements of the reality of most of us - we start projects,
or new skills, with the best of intentions but life somehow gets in the way of us finishing. I also like that you can still see where they started, they are not perfectly completed but tampered with templates of potential.

Here is a corner section of one of my favourites (barely touched but still started by someone at sometime)

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