Friday, 13 January 2012

Found Friday

Found - Inspiration
I am more than a little addicted to Pinterest. On one hand it is a great place for discovering ideas, looks and undreamt of places and things - on the other it is a stealer of time and sleep (note to self Pin less do more).

Today however Pinterest delivered this week's FF - major inspiration in the form of Dottie Angel - blog, shop, book, image gallery etc etc. I have so enjoyed discovering this blog and reading about Tif and seeing her home and creations. She makes beautiful unique things (that word doesn't do them justice) using many of the same style vintage fabrics, doilies and aprons that make up my collection. Seeing them has inspired me to go ahead and make Dandy as is my intention this year.

I have the sewing machine, the ideas and am discovering the motivation - stay tuned as to whether I can 'find' or acquire the skill.

Dottie Angel

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