Monday, 23 January 2012

Got the blues

I woke up yesterday morning with the most unusual image in my mind and no idea where it came from.
It was of an indigo crackle dyed egg. These ceramic ones are close but not quite - the one in my mind was darker.

Funnily enough the last image I saw that night, as part of a documentary on nanotechnology of all things, was something like this - indigo dye dispersing in water.

I felt rather inspired by this strange synchronicity so I have gone in search of all things blue including the beautiful effects of dip dye and tie dye in the magically exotic indigo hue.
Here are some of my favourite discoveries

(Left to Right)
1. Silk shirt from xsilk on Etsy 
2. Dip dye cushion from Bird and Wolfe 
3. Overdyed vintage Rug from Loom
4. Artist Il Lee ballpoint pen on paper image via
5. Shibori linen pillow by Kevin O'Brien through
6. Dip dyed candles from Martha Stewart
7. Elephant Ceramics image via Design Sponge
8. Sun print doily chair via
9. Tie Dye leather clutch via Need Supply Co

There were so many other beautiful finds so if you are feeling the blues too here is more via Pinterest
it's sure to cheer you up.

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