Friday, 4 May 2012

Found Friday

This week's finds Top 3
  • A foxy new collection of images
  • Finding out good news
  • Many ways to procrastinate

A foxy new collection of images
I have always loved imagery of foxes. I know that they are not native and indeed are a general bad ass pest in Australia but gosh they are cute. I started a new board on Pinterest to collect the most foxy finds I could find - 'What a Fox'. Here is a favourite to get you feeling foxy too. This foxy lampshades is from Radiance a UK based 'glowing light and craft boutique'.

While checking out their products I also found another fabulous designer - House of Chintz - these beautifully layered lampshades
are to die for.

Finding out good news
My very talented partner Craig was named one of Capture Magazines 2012 Top Emerging Photographers in the Advertising Category. You can check out the winning shots in the latest issue of the magazine or via his website as part of his Wish series and while you're there check out his other beautiful shots. While I love them all an all time personal favourite for me is the ninety K's series - so named because I was driving and was on my P's and could only travel at 90 K's. They are painterly and dreamy. I couldn't be more proud.

Many ways to procrastinate
I have several assignments due in the next 2 weeks and subsequently I have found many many opportunities to procrastinate including much pinning on Pinterest - yes even more that my prolific norm (see this week's find #1) - an appropriate favourite pin this week.

One of the main reasons for the procrastination, apart from it being the usual order of things with me, is that I have been feeling a little inadequate. I have been comparing myself to others and coming up short and have been avoiding even starting for fear of not liking the results. Nothing like a deadline fast approaching to snap you out of that. So today I tried to remember why I am studying interior decoration and design in the first place. BECAUSE I FIND IT FUN. I am not the best at what I am tackling currently and don't expect to be - hand rendering interiors and materials - but I am OK at it and I can get it done. I just have to have fun with it (and remember that it the real world there are computers too).

I remembered today some unsolicited advice a psychic gave me many many years ago (I knew she was a psychic because even though I was just her waitress she knew way too much about me). She told me to 'Have fun and the money will follow'. Insert anything you are seeking here - Love, career progression, friendship. If you forget to find the joy on the way what is the point in arriving.

Here are some of my (unfinished) fun scribblings from today. Now enough procrastinating with writing this post and back to it.

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