Friday, 25 May 2012

Surprising Chartreuse

A colour I have fallen for in the last few months has been Chartreuse and it is a real surprise to me as it was never on my radar before and I never imagined I would want it in my home.

I think it all started with a skirt that I found at an Op Shop - I was surprised how much I liked the colour and then surprised again
when it fitted into my wardrobe so well. I always get comments on the colour when I wear it - from total strangers sometimes.

The skirt is almost this exact colour of this spectacular dress Emma Watson once wore - I am only dreaming my skirt looks this good on me - but it is nice

I think chartreuse is so appealing because it is fresh but grounded, earthy but bright and complements so many other colours beautifully just think of leaves just turning yellow in autumn against the blue sky.

I think this best demonstrates what I mean

But I also think it is great against grey and metalics. It is a great match for pinks and reds and blues and oranges and well - I like it.So here are some little shots of chartreuse straight up. I hope you find it surprising in a good way too. 

It is great in velvet


  1. You have sold me, Chartreuse definitely rocks. I mean with a name like "Chartreuse" how could you not.

  2. Indeed a colour that is also a beverage - winning for me. I now just have to actually try the drink and see if I like it as much