Friday, 11 May 2012

Found Friday

So I have been a little slack this week with posting here. I have two very good excuses I promise - one fun and one not so fun. I have also managed to do some cute finding - dollhouse furniture in need of a refurb (see the little reno for which plans are still being approved - by me) and some linens. I promise to take some pics of these and get them up early next week but my not so fun excuse, my assignments, are keeping me too busy right now so I will make this short and sweet.

Now to my fun excuse - finding a long time friendship unchanged. I have had a very special visitor this week, my long time friend Trish who is in the country briefly from China where she lives and works. It was great to catch up and get reacquainted after a few years of seeing eachother - or talking for that matter because even though she is one of my dearest friends life is just like that.  As it happens I am fortunate to have a handful of these friendships with friends that live overseas or interstate who I see or speak with very seldom but with whom nothing changes. We manage to pick up right where we left off. Nothing fundamental has changed in the friendship just the details of life and it is great to fill eachother in.

We have a mutual love of op shopping that goes back to high school and while I won't admit to how long that is let's just say we were joking about the need to do something fabulous or at least notorious before a significant school reunion next year.

Here she is in a great puffy sleeved 80's navy print blouse, one of the finds from our trip to the local Op Shop together.

I picked it up off the rack for her and while she wasn't sure at first she now likes it and I think it is absolutely fabulous on her. So I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks for my friends - near and far - who never change in the right ways while changing all the same.

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