Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Cuppa with mum

Happy mothers day to all the mummy's.

This is my second mothers day and today I was feeling very blessed. We had a great day despite a false start when we went in search of a cafe for breakfast - without booking - only because we didn't know if my assignments would be complete but 1.30am took care of that. Looking for a place for breakfast on mothers day without booking is never easy and there aren't a lot of nice ones where we
now live.

However this mishap lead to an unexpected exploration through the local botanic gardens with coffee, banana bread and croissants alfresco and tumbles in the grass. Sometimes things not going to plan have the best outcomes. We even found the gardens has a nice cafe with a playground which only equals more fun times to come.

I sadly couldn't be with my mum today as she lives too far away but we will be hanging out soon enough.

One of the things I like to do best of all with my mum, even from when I was a little girl, is have a cup of tea together on the verandah. We still try and fit in a few quiet cuppa moments during my trips back home.

I once described to my friend Ben, a fellow tea appreciator, that tea with milk was like a warm hug and a good chat with your mum while black tea was like a chat with your dad where he cuts to the chase and helps you sort stuff out. I think we need both in life (whether we get it from our actual mum and dad or other people who fill these roles).

But today is in honour of mums. So here is my tribute to mine. All milky tea and verandahs.

A Pride and Prejudice quote for mum

The Beatles for mum

I have always liked dunking

A little selection of beau-tea

And while I would gladly sit on any of these verandahs for a cuppa with mum my preference will always be home.

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