Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I pinned it AND I made it

I have been on pinterest for nearly 2 years now and while I am a self confessed pinaholic I rarely find the time to make the things I pin to make or to take inspiration from. That's the pinning irony isn't it - I'm too busy pinning stuff to make the stuff I pin.

Finally I have done it!

I saw this cute and clever idea for toddlers having their own tree on pinterest earlier this year, here is my felt tree pin originally from the blog

I decided to take inspiration from it and make my own for my little guy. The best thing being when we go on holidays to my parents for Christmas he can take his little tree with him - we will just roll it up.

I didn't follow any instructions but made it up as I went along - happy to share this with anyone who wants to know - it involved making a tree template and printing off outlines of decorations from the internet to also use as templates.

I made it so it is cardboard backed and can be taped or blu-tacked to his door or laid flat on his play table. He has had fun decorating and redecorating it today exclaiming "I made it" each time.

So there you go - I pinned it AND I made it. Now to get to the other thousands of pins - I told you I was addicted.

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