Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Wishing you a neon bright xmas

I posted this Found Friday back in August. I had found the plastic apple container baubles and they made me think of Christmas. As I mentioned then I had already thought about doing a neon christmas this year inspired by the neon pink ribbons I found attached to trees and fences after a local primary school fun run. That combined with the strong Neon, Natural and Neutral trend that we have seen this year which I also wrote about in February and it was settled - we were having a neon christmas!

As much as I love the traditional christmas colours I am loving this for a bit of Australian summer Christmas brightness. We won't be here for the actual day but there is no reason we can't be festive before then and it is a colour party at our house right now.

I made this 'bauble' garland from cut neon card and jute string. It hangs beautifully against the crisp white walls.

My apple 'baubles' and pink ribbon needed a new branch home so I scoured my local parks after a recent storm and found a lovely selection of branches which I have tied together. I popped them into a street salvaged vintage jar with pebbles topped with lights. Even with all this it just didn't feel christmassy enough then I remembered I had found a bag of tinsel at the Op-shop the other day so made little tinsel nests - festive tree complete.

The same day I found the tinsel at the Op-shop I also found this mini silver tree.  I neon-ed it up with circle cut 'baubles' hole punched through the top and twisted in place. A mini tree would not be complete without a mini present. I think most people who opened it might be disappointed to find it is only full of the neon 'confetti' all that hole punching produced.

The last bit of Christmas bright might be a step too far? I had the idea of making a doily tree for the window, inspired by several I have seen but it had to have a neon twist. To neon it up I splatter painted the paper doilies with fluorescent paint and made a 'tree' in the window. I love it but it is possibly a little too pink for the boys in the house, they do outnumber me 2 to 1 after all. It has received some interesting comments from passers by usually along the lines of 'Pink?!' It really comes into it's own at night though all lit up. I would love to know what you think?

So there it is our neon Christmas - I figure I may never do this again so I went with it - would you do a neon Christmas? Whether you would or not may all your Christmases be bright.


P.S a big thank you to Craig Proudford for the photos (despite his reservations about the pinkness of the tree xo)

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