Friday, 17 May 2013

Appreciate or Emulate

I am inspired at the moment by finding watercolour effect everywhere I look. I shared some of my finds in yesterdays' Finding Everywhere

I have been inspired before by watercolour projects of my sisters where she has created her own beautiful wrapping papers including a beautiful one she made for my birthday gift last year with apples drawn in white crayon resisting the vibrant watercolour splashes she added on top. I am wishing I had pics of that to share but with help from a then 18 month old to unwrap sadly I don't.
I was also inspired by her to do watercolour food colour painting with my nephew, and son, which I wrote about here.

It now seems everyone is awash with this dreamy effect.

Below are just a small selection os splashes, splats, drops and drips for the home, the occasion and you. You can also get all wishy washy yourself if you chose by checking out the great DIY's I found.

Artist Alisa Burke's Rubber cement resist watercolour paper tutorial - using a similar technique to my sister. So many possibilities. Alison also has online watercolour classes.

Sweet and colourful DIY watercolour tags from Eat Drink Chic 

And a DIY Watercolour and Calligraphy Birthday Card from Oh So Very Pretty

And they are aren't they? Oh so very pretty!

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