Saturday, 11 May 2013

Found Friday


A weed walk, as I like to call them, hunting and gathering for little botanical gems in the neighbourhood, on verges and in parking lots, yielded these beauties among others.
Happy colours for the home.

A lucky preschool drop off find on the path outside the school heralded what was to be a great day - first day no tears! These blossoms were a sign of my little mans blossoming confidence.

I found this bag on uncovet this week and I indeed did want to uncovet it and have it for my own, as a new nappy bag - last time I bought the cheapest one I could and needless to say it lacked any style or longevity - this time I want some happy nappies. The find turned into a forget me when I calculate a whopping $70 US for shipping. But then I found this little big guy at a local shop on sale for half the price and no shipping - it's similar enough for me for now - happy nappies and happy me!

Lastly this is a little rediscovery rather than a find - I was hunting down ceramics for the Instagram comp I was playing this week - another post on that pending - when I refound these little pineapple shakers I bought out op-shopping a few months ago. You may recall my love of the pine form from a post I did way back in the very beginning of blogging days Pining for the tropics well it hasn't abated - and just look at them how could it?

I hope your discoveries are as exotic and bright this weekend as mine has been this week.
Happy finding!