Friday, 24 May 2013

Found Friday

I have found much this week to be excited about, little trinkets and treasures - unfortunately I have not found the time to capture it and show you so I will have to play catchup.

In the meantime here is a little snippet of some of this weeks finding goodness captured in the autumn light falling over my bed.

Sometimes in finding I see a pattern or theme emerging over the week or even just in one shop - this all came from one place and for me it spoke of the feeling of winter arriving soon and the textures and colours - some leather boots, a woollen nanna rug in wintery tones, more needlepoint and a snuggly green cardy to keep me (and my growing bump) warm. Browns, greens, reds, navy and grey - all for me winter tones especially red because winter is when I need it most, a splash of colour to ward off the wintery blues.

I hope you find your splash of colour and something (or someone) to snuggle up to this weekend too.

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